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Are you trying to incorporate your business? Koloden's online search brings you the solution.

We understand your business' needs to be accepted in the USA commercial registration system. With Koloden's real-time search engine you can check all the registered business entities with the USA. Koloden's online business entity search data is one of the most elaborated in the market. We help you explore business profiles and their entities all across the country. This software is equipped to perform due diligence and conduct both commercial and industrial search.

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What is a business entity?

When one or more people form an organisation for profit gain or trade, it is known as a business entity.

Why is business incorporation important?

For a business to flourish, it is important to register the organization with governing bodies of the country.

Benefits of business incorporation are:

  • Less risky venture
  • Less personal liabilities
  • Permanent existence
  • Positive business credibility
  • Asset security
  • Capital ease-of-access
  • Gaining anonymity

Benefits of Business Incorporation

  • Corporate reports.
  • Reference books.
  • Commercial reports

Why search for business entity online?

If you are looking for a tool that can guide you in your business incorporation process, Koloden's real-time search tool is the perfect solution. Every business which is registered with a certified state agency has a business entity. Hence, it is mandatory to look for available business entities through government documentation. Online business entity search service by Koloden gives you exposure to millions of business entities in your country. With Koloden, you can search, view, download and print the information, as per your convenience.

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Koloden's real-time entity search tool allows you to check:

  • Check the size of the organization
  • Existing company director information
  • Addresses legally registered with the business
  • Period of business existence
  • Start date of the business

And many other business activities...

Why choose Koloden?

Koloden is one of the smartest online tools to find existing business entities in the USA. Its unique and modern search criteria provide you real-time entity database from all across the country. This tool gives the user a manageable way of analyzing authentic entries from the Secretary of State.

How to get the best results:

  • It is advisable to use fewer keywords and do partial searches
  • Do not use "begins with" search criteria, if you are not sure about the beginning of the required entity name.
  • Get your status report from Koloden, once you are done with the research.

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