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Are you tired of looking around a suitable name for your business? If that is true, Koloden is your one-stop solution for all problems.

When you plan to start a fresh business, the first thing you need is a business name. A Business or Company name is the identity of your business. Hence, you should choose a name to which your customers can connect on an emotional level.

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How to choose a business name?

One of the major roadblocks new entrepreneurs run into is selecting the perfect name for their business. To do this stressful task follow a procedure:

  • Understand which name makes sense.
  • List down many names.
  • Do not forget your initial keyword list.
  • Narrow down the list to fewer decent names.
  • Search online for business name availability.
  • Find out the perfect one.
And you are ready to go...

Business Name Vs Brand Name

We often confuse our brand name to be our business name. To make your unique identity in the market, it is advisable you know the difference between brand name and company name. Your brand name is a product or service name provided by the company. The brand name is important to distinguish your products and services from other companies. However, the business name is the identification of an organization working to gain profit through commercial activities. In the commercial market, your company will be recognised by the company name, not the brand name.

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Why is it essential to do a business name search?

Remember, your business name is your company's unique identity in the market. Any copied name, which is already registered with another company, is not acceptable. Whether you are an online seller or an offline seller, it is mandatory to have a unique business name.

Business name availability

According to the USA law, as a new business entity, you require a name not similar to any other active entity. You can use Koloden's online Business Name Availability Service to check if a name is obtainable.

Rules to choose your business name:

The registrar of businesses globally expect applicants to follow certain guidelines:

  • Adjectives, abbreviations and generic words are not acceptable
  • Unique component
  • Descriptive words
  • No similarity to other entities

How Koloden helps you find the perfect business name?

Koloden's research tool allows the user to regulate to investigate business and trade name availability across the country.

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Koloden's research tool features:

  • Browse business names on file with all states of the US.
  • Help get better results with punctuation and letter spacing.
  • Name Reservation.
  • Helps legally conduct business in any state.

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