State of Incorporation

Koloden online search is designed for real-time State of Incorporation inquiries allowing users to:

  • Investigate business entity profiles and business profiles across the country.
  • Conduct industrial and commercial research.
  • Perform due diligence.
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How we differ?

Koloden’s proprietary custom software searches execute on demand searches on each state's own database and provides accurate search results EVERY TIME.
With Koloden’s, you can search details of a business's state of incorporation in no time. That's not it, we also provide our users access to exhaustive company documents such as:

  • Corporate reports.
  • Reference books.
  • Commercial reports

How much it costs?

We offer flexible and cost-effective pricing plans built for different business sizes.
With subscription costs starting from as low as $9.99, Koloden State of Incorporation search is without any doubt one of the most affordable online search tools on the web.

Our services aren’t just affordable and easy to use, we are equally flexible as well. We provide a fully documented API of our proprietary search tool that allows you to put in place client-side implementations in no time.

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Register with Koloden today and experience the difference. Searching State of Incorporation information has never been easier.

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